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Say hi to the first numberless cards in Europe

02 Apr 2020
3 min read

When we launched our record-breaking crowdfunding campaign back in September 2019, we knew that we were asking for more than just money - we were asking you to trust in our mission.

At Curve, we think big and innovate to deliver products and services that our customers have never experienced before. As part of that mission, we’re bringing you the next generation of payment cards. Yes, it took us longer than expected to bring them to you. But we wanted to create a truly unique experience for our investors.

And here it is. 

Say hello to the new Curve investor cards..

 Precision engineering, smooth lines, sleek interior… No, we’re not trying to sell you an impractical sports car. But your very practical Curve investor card will cause just as much envy amongst your neighbours.

This is the first card of its kind in Europe and our investors will be among the first people to own them across the continent. Your Curve investor card is more than metal, more than just a way to spend - it’s the future of finance personified.

A stylish and secure spending experience

We take your privacy very seriously and have worked hard to amp up the security levels with the creation of our new investor card.

How? Well, the real technology of payment cards resides in the chip - everything else is just clutter. So we’ve removed all the numbers from the back of your Curve investor card. Flash it in public without any concerns. Your card details are safely tucked away (for your eyes only) in the Curve app. Giving you a new layer of security, along with a much more stylish card.

Think of your Curve investor card as your pass to an exclusive members club, one whose members are strapping themselves into the Apollo space shuttle of digital finance.

I want one! How can I become a Curve investor?

We closed our public funding round in September, so we can’t take on any new investors at this time. We may launch another crowdfunding campaign in the future but we don’t currently have any plans for this. 

Get ahead of the Curve

We offer all our customers a range of innovative and fantastic features to be experienced at all tiers. With Curve, whichever card you choose, you unlock a whole new meaning to financial empowerment, equipping yourself with all the best tools to take on the world. 

Curve Metal is our flagship card available in 3 stunning colours - Blue Steel, Rose Gold and Limited Edition Red. It offers all the benefits of Curve Blue and Black, taken to the most generous, premium level.

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